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  • Justiça Ambiental/FOE Mozambique’s Position on the Prosavana Program +

    The Prosavana program is inspired by Prodecer, a Japanese-Brazilian agricultural development program developed in the Brazilian Cerrado since the 70's.  Referred to by the Brazilian, Japanese, and Mozambican governments as a success, the Prodecer program promoted the distribution and possession of land to foreigners and turned Brazil into an avid promoter of land usurpation practices abroad. By way of Prosavana, Brazil plans to export an agro-industrial development model to Mozambique that failed in Brazil, where more than 65 million Brazilians are in a situation of food insecurity and millions of people struggle for access to Read More
  • Greed overpowers green +

    The Rio +20 conference has come and gone, and it has sown the seeds for one more false utopia for which corporations can hide behind known as the “green economy” and in doing so further confirms the corporate capture of the UN and “our“ governments. It may still be a while alway before its formally adopted and no doubt the green economy concept did get challenged in Rio, but the direction has been set and that direction is towards the complete comodification and sell-out of nature. This has taken an even stronger importance with the Read More
  • Rio minus 20: A Continued Failure of Imagination +

    As the Rio+20 Earth Summit was drawing to a close, there was a sense of gloom in the air. Exactly 20 years earlier, the first Earth Summit had been held at the same place in Rio de Janeiro. Back in June 1992, world leaders collected and affirmed what are now called the Rio Principles. Some of these included important, progressive principles such as protection of the environment, right to development, access to information, participation of communities in decision-making processes, establishment of Environment Impact Assessments (EIAs) to determine impacts of projects, special priority to vulnerable and Read More
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  • Mozambique Forest
  • Stop-Look-Listen 3
  • Stop-Look-Listen 1
 Political Rights - Human Rights Violations in the resettled communities of Cateme, Mozambique.

Right to Food - Human Rights Violations in the resettled communities of Cateme, Mozambique. PART 1: FOOD

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