Mozambique marches in support of Palestine

Yesterday, Saturday (2nd Aug) thousands of Mozambicans marched on the streets of our capital Maputo. Civil society and the general public, we all marched in solidarity with the Palestinian people and against the crimes committed by Israel against civilians, especially Palestinian children.

palestina 1


Stop the massacre

palestina 2


Justiça Ambiental team also participated in the march, with our t-shirts bearing the Palestinian flag with the words ‘Palestina Livre’ (free Palestine) written across it. On the back was one of Yasser Arafat’s famous sayings, “A minha causa é liberdade” (My cause is liberation).

palestina 4- ja

JA people at the march


palestina 6

Mozambican children marching for Palestinian children


We marched the streets chanting, “Palestina, Moçambique esta contigo” (Palestine, Mozambique is with you) and “Palestina viva” (long live Palestine) and “matança de crianças abaixo” (down with the killings of children) and more…

palestina 3

“You just need to be human”

palestina 7

Everyone gathered at the Samora Machel statue in Maputo

(All photos from Justiça Ambiental)


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